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It’s TIME!

Time to send a virtual hug or virtual ‘high five’!

 Many of us are staying home, trying to avoid spreading or getting corona virus.

 We’re deprived of everyday interactions with others and the freedom to move     around as we always have. We miss being with family members.

We’re worried about people in our daily lives who are elderly or live alone and how children are coping.  We’re concerned about everyone staying safe and well, particularly those with underlying health issues.  We ‘re distressed about those suffering with the corona virus at home or in hospitals. We fear for the medical staff who are caring for those patients as well as First Responders and others doing essential work.

A text or email with one of the FREE TO DOWNLOAD or COPY/PASTE ‘You brighten up my life!” images can send a virtual hug or ‘high five’. It’s an easy - yet meaningful - way to connect with family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, teachers, local business owners and staff and service providers. Remember medical staff, First Responders and essential workers.