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Notebook image for you brighten up ideas

      These ideas can help you get started:

  • Grateful to a health care provider, First Responder or essential worker for putting community first

  • Thanks for being your friend

  • Enjoyment of a shared experience, hobby, sport or travel

  • Appreciate working with a colleague or being a neighbour

  • Appreciate friends who are like family

  • Remind family how much they really mean to you

  • Thank a parent or grandparent (or other relative or friend) for all he/shehas done for you

  • Value lifelong friendship

  • Appreciate the comfort a person gives you by always being there for you

  • Joy of having the person in your life

  • Thank a mentor, teacher or role model


       Don’t delay…send a smile today!


Just heard this tip from a mental health professional:

Heartfelt messages – even just a few key words – have the power to do a lot of good.  Using words to help convey what you can’t say in person means so much more now amid the social isolation and additional stress we’re all feeling. It’s one way every one of us can help!